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Luscious Apple Butter & Other Fruit Flavored Jams and Jellies

Singing Bull Foods in Hohenwald, Tennessee, makes jams and jellies from recipes passed down for four decades.  These products will put a huge smile on your face and make you forget your name.

Current Flavors:

  Apple Butter 
  Apple Jelly
  Apple Sauce
  Berry Champagne Jelly
  Blackberry Jam
  Blackberry Jelly
  Black Cherry Jelly   
  Black Plum Jelly
  Blueberry Jelly
  Cantaloupe Jam
  Cherry Butter
  Cherry Jelly
  Crabapple Jelly
  Cranberry Jelly
  Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly
  Cranberry Pineapple Jelly
  Fig Jam
  Grape Jelly



  Jalapeno Jelly
  Mango Jelly 
  Mint Jelly
  Mixed Berry Jam
  Mixed Grape Jelly
  Mixed Plum Jelly
  Muscadine Jelly
  Orange Marmalade
  Peach Jelly
  Pear Butter
  Pear Jelly
  Pineapple Jam
  Pineapple Jelly
  Pomegranate Jelly
  Raspberry Jam
  Raspberry Jelly
  Raspberry Mango Jam
  Red Plum Jelly


  Red Pepper Jelly
  Red Hot Mixed Pepper Jelly 
  Spiced Pumpkin Butter
  Spicy Vidalia Onion Jelly
  Strawberry Jam
  Strawberry Jelly
  Strawberry Kiwi Jam
  Strawberry Pineapple Jam
  Strawberry Raspberry Jam
  Sugar Free Strawberry Jam
  Tomato Butter
  Triple Berry Jam
  Watermelon Jelly
  Wild Cherry Champagne Jelly
  Yellow Pepper Jelly



Singing Bull Foods make jams and jellies from local, hand-picked fruit, mixed with sugar and Sure-Jell®. We only use pure sugar and not corn syrup.


At Singing Bull Foods, our jams and jellies come in half-pint glass jelly jars. Our apple sauce is available in both pint and half-pint jars.

Contact us in Hohenwald, Tennessee, and glaze bland food with apple butter and other fruit preserves.